The Wonder of It All

Do you remember Christmas when you were a kid?  Christmas had so much wonder.  Everything from snow, to shiny gifts under a brightly lit tree, to socks on the fireplace.  The weather is cold and family time is cherished.  I remember going out to pick a family Christmas tree.  Then my family had a tradition where we would string together popcorn and cranberries to hang as a decoration on the tree (let’s be honest we did about 1 or 2 strands and then mom did the rest.  Thanks mom).  I remember a Christmas where my brother, sister, and I came down to a basement where the presents weren’t wrapped but placed all throughout the basement.  It felt like walking into a toy store but everything was here to stay!  The fact is that Christmas has a special wonder that draws us all in.  There are presents with our names on them and we wonder what they could be.   We wonder if it will snow on Christmas morning.  We wonder if the Packers will beat the Bears.  However, regardless of age, we are all drawn in by the wonder of the lights, decorations, pageantry, and traditions of the Christmas season.

Now I am not one of those people that jumps on the Christmas bandwagon early on. I am a firm believer that the fall and thanksgiving should not be overlooked.  However, shouldn’t our walk with God produce this same kind of wonder?  Shouldn’t the time that we spend in the word draw us to a deeper, more exciting, more wondrous relationship with our creator?  As Alicia and I started moving into our new home I mentioned that it is a new adventure.  We have cast away from the dock of the nomadic college lifestyle and are purchasing a house only 10 months into our marriage!  That is crazy in and of itself, but we are also figuring out the ins and outs of a house that was built over 100 years ago!  There is a sense of wonder as I walk the old wood floors and think about the people who have lived in this house prior to us.  In the last 100 years the model-t became the first mass-produced car, man had his first flight, television was invented, man went to the moon, there were two world wars, the rise and fall of communism, the invention of the internet, you get the picture.

So I started thinking about the wonder in my relationship with God.  I started thinking about how our walk with God should be a daily process of wonder and awe in the person who created us so intricately that our bodies work behind the scenes doing millions of functions that we don’t even know about while we sit and watch a movie.  Have you ever thought about all that has to process from your senses to your brain and back while you are watching a movie and eating a bag of popcorn?

When we are first saved, the whole “Christian” thing is new and foreign.  We had one girl in our ministry who was saved and when we told her to start reading in the book of John, she said she didn’t have that book.  This girl isn’t dumb, she just doesn’t know!  This whole Christian life is a new and exciting journey for her.  When we open our Bible and read for the first time a story about a guy who fights so hard in battle that his hand stuck to his sword or about a man who was so strong that he killed 1,000 men with a donkeys jawbone we sit and wonder just how awesome these people are!  We read about a messiah who lived sinlessly, died brutally, and raised miraculously!  Why did he do all of this, because he wanted to save people who rejected him then and had been rejecting God for thousands of years before. That is one amazing savior!

Parents, you strive to create the wonder of Christmas for your children.  Many of you may work some extra hours, an extra job, or sell something that you have in order to provide the best for your Children.  You want you family to be able to have the best.  I remember my dad, who owns and runs a body shop, doing wrecker calls in the snow to bring in some extra money for Christmas presents.  Parents you go to great lengths to create wonder and to make the shiny presents worth all of the anticipation and the fact is that we have to do the same to create wonder and anticipation both in our walk with the Lord and for our students’ walks with the Lord.  God is deserving of our wonder, God is deserving of our awe, God is deserving of our time!

Now I am not saying that everyday I open the word of God that it is going to be like opening a Christmas present.  However, sometimes your present is socks, and while it is needed and necessary, it is not the grand gift that you wanted.  But, the more gifts you open, the better you chances are that you might just find that red rider BB gun that you were dying to get for Christmas.  Sometimes your quiet time will be more like socks.  You will open the word and while it may be needed and necessary, it may not be the most exciting thing in the world.  But, the more time you devote to you time in the word the more your wonder and anticipation will build, and before you know it, that one thing you wanted will come jumping right off the pages and into your life.

What is the wonder quotient in your relationship with God?  Are you anticipating God’s movement in you life and going on new and exciting adventures as you experience God, or is your wonder lacking because God has become a must do part of you life rather than a get to experience part of you life?



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