If You Don’t, Someone Will

We’re all pretty familiar with at least a few key Bible characters.  Probably one of the first ones that comes to mind is Moses.  God protected him as a baby and used him in miraculous ways to lead the entire nation of Israel out of slavery and bondage.  He was a spiritual leader and a leader in the nation’s day-to-day life, so much so that his father-in-law had to tell him to stop being a workaholic and take a break (Exodus 18)!  Moses did a lot of great things and he is admired for his passion and leadership.  However, I tend to get fascinated at the character flaws that the Greats of the Bible have.  The things is, they were human too!  They weren’t some superhuman God planted on earth to get things done.  They were average people who God chose to do mighty things through.  And so are we.

So what about Moses’ character flaw?  He was a doubter.. in himself that is.  True, his passion got him in trouble (he killed a man in Exodus 2, among other things).  But so did his low self esteem.  We all know the story of the burning bush that wasn’t consumed and how God used Moses to inflict Egypt with 10 different plagues for not letting Israel go.  But so often we forget to teach about Aaron’s role in the plagues.

It started back in Exodus 3.  You know, the burning bush.  God told Moses His grand plan and that He was going to use Moses to get the job done.  Instead of jumping on the bandwagon out of excitement for God’s big plans, he questions God!  Four times, in fact!  In Exodus 3:11, 4:1, 4:10, and 4:13 Moses wastes his time with God and makes up excuses as to why God couldn’t use him.  Of course, this is also where scholars find that Moses most likely had a speech impediment. But that isn’t important to my point.  Moses not only doubted himself but questioned Almighty God.  God continued to urge Moses and push him to his fullest potential.  But Moses just wouldn’t take yes for an answer.  So what does God do?  Gives the privilege to his brother, Aaron.

But it doesn’t stop there.  I find it interesting that just as Moses questioned God four times, Aaron performed the first four plagues (Exodus 7:10, 7:19, 8:5, 8:16).  Each time Scripture says that God told Moses to tell Aaron to do ____ (turn his rod into a serpent, turn water into blood, frogs, gnats).  I’m no scholar but I’m pretty sure this isn’t by chance.  It’s pretty obvious that God had big plans for Moses – and he still got to do big things! – but it could’ve been that much better if Moses stepped up the first time.

Parents, I want to talk to you first.  Being that none of us authors are parents yet, we tend to harp harder on the ministry side.  But I think there’s a lesson for both sides in this case.  The biggest calling God has on your life right now is to be a husband or wife to your spouse (if you’re married) and to be a mother or father to your kid(s).  It doesn’t matter whether you stock shelves or are the CEO of your fortune 500 company.  This is and forever will be your highest “earthly” calling, second only to living sold-out for Christ.  Don’t neglect that privilege or back down from the big things God is calling you to do!  The fact is, if you don’t raise your kids, someone else will.  And who’s to say how they’ll raise them?  Parents need to start taking action, especially in today’s culture, to nurture and disciple their children to be wise adults who follow hard after Christ.  If you don’t, someone else will (good or bad).

Next I want to talk you those of us involved in youth ministry.  While it is a family’s purpose to raise children to be wise adults, we have a part in that too.  We can’t take this calling lightly and we can’t sit back and questions God’s ability to use us or our ability to live up to God’s plans.  God wants people who will act on the calling He gave them.

He has given us all the tools we need to succeed, and now is not the time to sit back and take it easy.  We can’t be feeding our students Gerber’s meat and potatoes.  We need to be feeding them real steak and potatoes.  Our students are facing some pretty big challenges these days, and we are on the front lines.  Do your research and don’t be afraid to talk about the hard stuff.  Because if they don’t hear it from you, they’ll hear it from their friends or the media.  We need to be speaking truth into their lives and helping guide them the way they should go.

So take a lesson from Moses.  Be a passionate leader, yes, but don’t waste time questioning your ability or God’s infinite ability.

– Alicia


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