The Power of Prayer

Your ministry is only going to be as effective as your prayer life.  I could end this post right there, but I know that every one of you reading this would probably feel somewhat slighted that I only put that much effort into this post.  However, the reality of that statement is beyond true, it’s imperative!

Our student ministry at Lewisburg Alliance is currently going through a series called “My Resolution” and the goal of this series is to teach our student how to live out their faith practically through spiritual disciplines.  We started the series at the beginning of January by challenging how our students pray, and we wanted to change our students’ mentality from consumerist prayer to reliant prayer.  Each week we went through a letter of the acrostic ACTS (Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, Supplication).  Where I think many ministries fail is not necessarily in their teaching, but in their lack of application and opportunities.  We have called this series a “practice and play series,” which simply means that we were going to teach the students how to do something and then allow them to put it into play.

This past Sunday night, our students got to “play.”  My students leaders, adult leaders, and myself decided to set up prayer stations for a prayer night, and for the second week in a row I was just blown away by how God is changing the hearts and lives of our students.  We set up 19 stations which included:

  • Purity
  • Our Community
  • The Media
  • Our Peers
  • Our Schools
  • Our Families
  • Stewardship
  • Church Leaders
  • Our Country
  • Our Burdens
  • Confession
  • Future Careers
  • Blessings
  • Encouragement Notes (Mostly for church members)
  • A Station for Our Compassion Child
  • Our Missionaries
  • The Names of God
  • Our Reflection to the World
  • Our Relationships (Friends, Family, Peers)

Our leaders arrived two hours before Youth Group and we began setting up our stations, lighting, and sound for each room.  Our students and leaders brough their station stuff  and it was so neat to see what they had thought up.  Our purity station had a wedding dress, our media station had a an X-Box and computer with various websites, and we had a bulletin board where students could put names of their peers that they wanted to see saved.

Normally our time starts in the gym but we directed our students to go straight up to the youth room where the lights we dim and we had quiet music playing.  We dismissed our students to go to stations and we gave them an hour to go at their own pace.  As our students left with their small groups I went off on my own to pray before I started going to the stations myself.  As I walked around I saw the hearts of students who have come a long way.  As I looked at our students on their face praying at a station I couldn’t help but feel like a proud father of 20 something students.  Not only did students pray at the stations but I found students praying with other students off to the side, beyond the stations!  I even found myself at the family station praying for Alicia and I’s future kids with tears in my eyes.  Our students had practiced and now they were playing like superstars, like when Lebron and Wade are clicking on all cylinders.

Clicking on all cylinders!

I honestly don’t know what I expected to see come from last night but I know that my expectations were definitely exceeded!  I would challenge you to analyze your payer life because like I said from the get go, “Your ministry is only as successful as your prayer life.”  Allow prayer in your ministry to change both you and your students’ lives.

– Jason

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