The Empty Box

Today I want to talk to volunteer leaders, parents, and regular church attendees.  Today I stand up for all the youth pastors out there.

My youth pastor told me last year about a box he has.  It’s full of letters, cards, objects, and even DVDs.  He explained that it this box started out as a small folder in his desk, and ended up exploding into a now large box.  I know I have at least 2 things in there that added to this stockpile.  Hoarding, you may ask?  Nope.  This box is simply a collection of things that Dave has saved over the years.  Things that serve as an encouragement.  A letter of thanks, a speech on his impact, a ball of tape from Four Square (throughout high school I had held onto the first ever ball of tape made from playing Four Square in our youth group – we were hard core about it then! – and gave it to Dave this past Spring, 7 years later I think).

When he told me about this box he had, it didn’t hit me how powerful this box could be.  I thought it was neat that he had these things, but it didn’t really apply to Jason or I.  However, now that we are almost a year into full-time ministry ourselves, I am beginning to realize just how important are those random notes and objects of encouragement.

Whether you realize it or not, youth pastors get discouraged very easily.  They get so caught up in lesson prep, event planning, meeting attending, problem solving, and a whole slew of other things, that they may easily question whether or not they’re actually making an impact in students’ lives.  It’s hard to see the micro-impact for all the macro-leading, so to speak.  Unfortunately, Satan then uses this to make them question whether or not a given outreach event is even worth it, or if they’re serving any purpose to make a difference whatsoever.  You and I both know that this is not the case.  Of course they are making an impact and affecting lives!  But how are they supposed to know?  That is, unless someone tells them.

I started to wonder this week how many youth pastors out there might have an empty box and be running low on the powerful fuel that encouragement gives.  Sadly, I think it’s quite a large number.  So today I want to encourage you to encourage your fearless leader!  This shouldn’t be once a year when you’re asked to at a volunteer banquet, but out of the goodness of your heart.  The unexpected means significantly more than you can imagine!



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