God, Girls, and Grills

My first time using our grill!
(Corn and BBQ Chicken)

There is something deep within every young man that desires a grill.  Every newlywed man wants to complete his domain with a grill to call his own.  I remember that day for me!  With a combination of wedding gift cards and $25 cash Alicia and I came home with a brand new Charbroil Gas Grill!  I (the least handy man on earth) took the box of grill parts and the instructions and built a ready to use grill with my own two hands.  It was a glorious right of passage as a married man when could new make fire and cook meat of said fire!

I have been thinking this past month about how we judge a man.  The pastor of my last church (Jon Dupin) once said that we judge a man by sex, stature, status,  and stuff.  What this means, is that the world looks and determines how manly a guy is by the amount of sex he has, how good-looking he is, how many figures his paycheck represents, and whether he has the awesome new I-pad 3 with the retina display.  When a man meets another man the first question is always, “What do you do for a living?”  Men pride themselves in what they have and what they can achieve.  It is a natural thing and so guys make everything a competition.  Men want to be bigger, better, stronger, faster, or at least never quit.  This is why guys will do pretty much anything on a dare.  I have a friend who was dared to be a vegetarian for a few months and he took it so seriously that it lasted for TWO YEARS!  Men are motivated by what they accomplish and who they are in society.

This past week I thought about how when I look at a man three things that I look at in his like is his God, his gal, and his grill.  Let me unpack this:

(1) His God — What I mean here is not whether or not he’s Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, or Christian, but rather how he follows the one true God Yahweh.  This will tell you a lot about a guy.  There are a lot of guys who simply go to church, but my question to you is, “Are they sold out?”  I a sick and tired of the one step in one step out Christian males that are living in the world today.  Commit or quit.  I know this sounds harsh but I want to see and grow men who are willing to lead their families.  I want to see men who are as committed to Christ as they are to their favorite sports team on a given day (Ouch).  That last statement hurt me.  I am a diehard Green Bay Packers fan and sometimes I know that the previous statement is not always true in my life.

Isn't She Gorgeous

(2) His Girl — This doesn’t mean you have to be in a relationship for this to pertain to you.  This is all about how you treat the women in your life.  I am a huge momma’s boy and my mom was my girl for 21 or so years of my life.  I still love my mom aka “mo” but she is now second to my beautiful wife Alicia.  Ladies, a major word of warning to you, if he treats his mom like crap, he will treat you like crap!  You can tell a lot about a guy by the way he treats the girls around him.  If he is constantly talking to down to girls and yelling at his mom, this throws up a red flag to me.  This is also huge as you get older and get married.  Marriage is tough!  With that obvious statement out-of-the-way, how a guy treats his lady in the good and the bad will tell a lot about his love and patience.  This is the most important relationship in your life next to your walk with the Lord so prioritize it as such.  Last thing here, the opposite is true for girls.

(3) His Grill — Like I told you before, this is a right of passage so to speak for every culinary guy out there.  However, this is bigger than simply a piece of equipment.  Some guys wouldn’t know the first thing about a grill.  This isn’t a judgement on them, like I said, I am the least handy guy in the world and my wife is the one who fixes things in our house.  This point goes beyond the grill to what a guy is passionate about.  Is he passionate about things of significance or does he waste all of his spare time playing video games.  Guys can be very passionate and driven people, but is it for the right things?  In my life the things that I am passionate about include God, my wife, youth ministry, coffee, and the Packers!

How are you judging the men around?  Also, men, how are you being judged?



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