Extra Curricular Student Ministry

If your church’s student ministry is anything like mine, and I would guess that it is, then your students are probably super involved at their school.  It seems that just about every one of my students is involved in multiple sports.  A christian school that many of our students go, plays one sport each season, and most of our students rotate from one sport to another.  One of my students leaders does a sport every month and juggled both soccer and marching band this past fall!  Our students are very involved in everything from sports, to drama, to band, and sometimes all at once.

I don’t think that much has changed in this regard since I was a student because as I look at my schedule I am always amazed that I, along with my parents, could manage the type of schedule that I committed myself to.  My average week consisted school from 8 hours a day, football practice 3 to 4 hours a day, show choir rehearsals, praise band practice, youth choir, youth group on Sunday and Wednesday nights, and that doesn’t include doing schoolwork to maintain a 3.8 gpa.  Things were busy to say the very least.

This post is not about busyness as much as it’s about visibility.  Now, as a full-time youth pastor, I am on the other side of the fence watching my students over-commit themselves and somehow manage to pull it all off.  I also get to watch the parents who do everything they possibly can to allow their students to do so.

Attention Youth Workers:  Students are involved so why not go and take an interest in what they are involved in?  I can promise you that the football team got a lot more time from me between the weight room, practices, and games, than my youth group did.  I was that student that often missed summer camp for football camp.  In your ministry, going to a sporting event will go a lot farther than your sermons ever will.

Yesterday Alicia and I went to watch a softball game.  Let me tell you that I have absolutely no interest in baseball or softball, but I have an interest in my student who plays softball.  Our student warned us that her team was bad and that they hadn’t gone past the 3rd inning of a game because the slaughter rule had taken effect by that point in every game this season, but we went anyway.  We had a great time and the student appreciated the fact that we had gone to the game.

I want to give you two reasons why you should be going to your students’ activities:

  1. Visibility — Your students appreciate seeing you and it also helps them to know that you are willing to do more than simply preach to them on a Sunday or Wednesday night.
  2. Parent Contact — Your ministry is just as much to the parents as it is to the students, because the parents are entrusting the development own flesh and blood to us. Many times at least one of the parents will be at the game.  Not only does going to the games mean a lot to your students, but it means a lot to your parents.  Parents trust a youth pastor who goes above the call of duty.

These two elements can be a huge help in your ministry.  Not only is attending a game or play enjoyable for you but it could go a long way in building relationships that will last.



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  1. Love this. Great stuff. Its crazy how much the student love us just being there and it makes al the difference in the world to them. One thing I have done in the past is video tape games and what not and then made a high light video of the students that played during service. they loved it. Great stuff.

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