Goal Setting

I love crafts.  Every time I start a new project I get fully immersed in the land of do-it-yourself and want to do it all myself.  I get grand ideas of what I could make for our house, or things I could make as gifts, or wonder if I could start selling things for profit.  I find one or two neat ideas online and get sucked into the whirlwind of brilliant ideas.  Today is one of those days.  My brain is on overload with all the neat things I could be making.  Crafts are my thing.  The thing that gets me hooked and dreaming up all kinds of ideas.  That thing could be very different for you, but I want to pull one important principle from my addiction to want to do more than I have time to do.

Check out this neat piece of wall art! http://etsy.me/IMWSkS

As Jason put it, I start one project, research more, and all of the sudden think I’m Martha Stewart.  But we all know I don’t have the time, the resources, and oftentimes not the capacity to follow through on most of these projects.  I think many of us struggle with the same concept in a number of areas.  For instance, we watch so many cooking shows that we begin to think we can pull of the same things.  Chopped Allstars?  I got this!  Of course I could cook cow heart and Chinese okra in a perfect dish in 30 minutes and win $50,000.  Didn’t you just see that I watch these shows all the time?  Or what about that heavy couch you moved last week?  You brought it in by yourself, so of course that means you’re obviously Superman’s cousin and can take on the world if asked to do so!

Let’s face it, sometimes we like to think we can do more than possible.  I’m not talking about dreams.  When it comes to dreams, I think we dream far too small.  We set low expectations for ourselves, our families, and our ministries, so they never leave the ground when it’s time for takeoff.  What I’m talking about are the menial tasks and goals in life and ministry.  We need to dream big, but set realistic attainable goals.  If I go home today with a goal of making wall art for each of the rooms in our house, and making blankets, trinkets, and accessories for everyone I know by the weekend, then I’m going to fail miserably.  It would be much wiser to set a goal for one individual project and put the others in a “neat ideas” folder to come back to when I do have the time and resources.

The same goes for family and ministry.  Again, our dreams (or visions) need to be God-sized.  But our goals should be established on a more individual basis so that they can be attainable.  Doing so will set you up for success instead of setting yourself up for failure.  Take your dream and turn it into a process, as it is.  Achieve your dreams by taking them one step at a time instead of going headlong and letting them cartwheel into oblivion for lack of methodology and patience.  One day you may be one of the blessed few to see your dream come to fruition.  But that may still be 5, 10, 20, or 30 years later.  Whatever the case may be for you, 1) know your limits (set goals), 2) don’t limit God (dream), and 3) be diligent with everything you set your mind to.  You might be amazed at how much more effective you can be for God in your family and ministry!



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