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So last week I posted an INFOGRAPHIC that I found on and I referenced the fact that we need to stay in touch with what is going on in the world around us.  Fortunately for me, I have grown up in this whirlwind of technological change.  The chances are, if you have found your way here to OneBeat, then you at least haven’t totally fallen behind the times.  However, I wanted to give you guys a few resources that I use to find news, videos, music, and so on.

For News

  • — I know what you are thinking.  While the network says they are fair and balanced, they don’t exactly succeed in that endeavor.  The reason that Fox is my go to news of choice is simply because they stick closer to home.  FoxNews is mostly focused on US news and while news out of Israel, Great Britain, or wherever is important, it is not the most important news for me.
  • Mashable — This is one of my favorite websites to hit.  They are a Technology based webpage but has great information on new technology, social media trends, and so on.  I love this site because I like tech stuff but also because our students like tech stuff.  Our students know more about technology than we do so researching an knowing what’s out there is key!  At Mashable’s Connect Conference they had an extremely intelligent 14 year old talk about technology in her generation.  Check out the article here.
  • ESPN — You have to keep up with your sports news!
  • Twitter — I know that this makes some of you cringe!  Stats are showing that twitter is becoming the fastest and most shared method of news.  Following key newspapers, celebrities, and trending topics could put you on the cutting edge of information.  When it’s news, it’s trending on twitter!
  • Facebook — I am getting a little tired of the fact that every article I read can be posted to my facebook information if I don’t turn social off.  However, Facebook’s trending articles is a great way to find out what your facebook friends and your students are reading in the news.

For Media

  • New Release Tuesday — This is a great website for finding out what new Christian Music is posted.  Every Tuesday this website updates the newest Christian albums to be released.
  • Plugged In — This is a Focus on the Family resource that is meant to help educate you on the content in movies, music, and TV that is out there.
  • YouTube— This is yet another huge social media outlet.  Subscribe to the right musicians and you will catch the latest music and internet trends.  If YouTube artists are covering a song it’s probably popular and relevant to our students.  Here are some people worth subscribing to:

This is just a quick reference and we may add to it in the future.  Equip yourselves to know the culture because whether we like it or not, our students are influenced by the culture.



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