100th Post Contest

If you’ve been following our blog from the beginning, then you have officially read 100 posts!  Whether it was a picture, video, or something God has laid on our hearts, today is our 100th post and we wanted to give back to our readers!  Who doesn’t like free stuff!

We are giving away a $50 Amazon Gift Card!

You have 5 different opportunities to enter your name as an entry for the contest:

  1. Comment on this post with your favorite post up to this point and why!
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  3. Like our Facebook page
  4. Tweet the link to this post and make sure to mention @OneBeatBlog!
  5. Referral Entry — Refer a friend to the post and if your friend comments with their favorite post and puts you as the referer you will be entered again!

Simple enough.  5 ways to enter your name 5 times for a $50 Amazon Gift Card!

The contest ends on 5/31/12  at 11:59PM and the winner will be announced the following day!

– The OneBeat Team


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  1. I’m a new reader, but I definitely dig the Feels Like Home post! I don’t find many people that share my desire to work in coffee shops! I’ve always found that I do my best work in Starbucks. The funny thing is that, when I go to Starbucks to lounge with friends, I get oddly uncomfortable; itchy almost. Like I need to pull the laptop out and get to work. Funny how that works. Maybe it lends some sort of insight to the post regarding our “home-ness” of our churches? Who knows.

    Thanks for this give-away! My man David Farwell referred me.

    • I’m glad that you liked it. I don’t share the common itch when I am just sitting in starbucks but there is an undeniable sense of home-ness there. I guess I could look back and psychoanalyze my life to try and find a reason but maybe our churches need to figure out why people would rather be anywhere else but the church building. I think that it has less to do with the content and more to do with the atmosphere. Good luck in the drawing and I hope you continue with us for future posts.


  2. I definitely dig the “Little Things” post. What a great reminder that, in those small things, is where we win. Any other ones are often shallow or fabricated. But when we collect a series of small wins, we find our faithfulness to count for eternity! Good stuff.

    • Good to hear Dave! Scripture is clear that we take up our cross daily. That we die to ourselves and live for Christ. We can put on great events, preach deep sermons, but if we aren’t living it out in our lives then our effectiveness will only last so long.


  3. My fav post would be the Bushido one…I cannot believe you would eat something that hot and to be honest, I couldn’t decide if you were really brave or just plain stupid (sorry…). Spiritual applications aside, that one made me just cringe in horror of having to eat something so spicy! Anyway, keep up the good work 🙂

  4. Easily this one since I can win 50 to amazon. Gotta pay for them books some how!!

  5. I’m not sure which one is my favorite, I have been here since post number 1 and read almost every one..Right now I’m on a MAJOR Avengers kick, so I suppose I have to elect “The one about The Avengers” as my favorite post. Unfortunately, I only get a couple shots at this because I had already liked the facebook page prior to this contest and I have been subscribed via newsletter since day 1 as well. Let’s hope that my 3 entries or more can help me out!!

  6. Kevin Espelita

    “Feels like Home” is definitely my favorite post. Starbucks is where I like to finish my homework, read books, hang out with friends, etc. Sometimes my wifi at home is very slow, I’m glad we have two Starbucks near where I live. Honestly, I got a little excited about this “100th post contest.” Crossed fingers 🙂

    • Kevin Espelita

      Just posted a comment, subscribed, liked your facebook page, tweeted this contest. 4 entries. 🙂

    • Free stuff is always exciting! It’s amazing how God uses the least planned posts. I was literally sitting in starbucks thinking, what should I write about today and it hit me! Good luck!

  7. My favorite post has been the One about the Avengers. The principle you guys laid out in that post is one that is too true yet far too overlooked. We all want to be the big shot with all the screen time, but we need a few who put aside ego for the sake of the mission.

    • Yeah that’s so true. The is, we all want to be Ironman with money, girls, and an ego. However, Ironman is not the one that they turned to when their situation was dire! We all have a huge mission! Good luck Ben!


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