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Property of Awkward Family Photos

Every student out there is looking for a youth pastor who is real with them.  None of us want friends who are two faced and none of us want friends who we don’t feel like we can trust.  Our students are not looking for some super human Christian who knows every verse, but rather person who struggles through their walk with the Lord but has seen God work none the less.

The goal was to have a slanted flat top but thankfully it never reached that extreme!

This past weekend we started a series called Awkward Family Photos.  I’m sure you all have been to the website and have seen the priceless pictures of families who took pictures they wish they had never taken.

It’s one thing for you to talk about awkward families, it’s another thing to show them your awkward family.  It’s really easy to go from hero to very average person when you show a picture like this to your students.

In all reality, we were in the exact same seat our students are currently in.  You were once that student making fart jokes and cracking up in the back of the classroom.  You do not need to tell you students every single story from your past but your students need to know that you have been there.  When a student is being bullied at school, they need to know you understand.

Parents, your students see every little thing that you do and they analyze every single thing you do, but your kid wants to know that you are normal.  Sometimes parents can seem like aliens from a planet that is 50 years behind the times.  You may not tweet, instagram, facebook, or blog but you have more in common with you students than you or your students realize.

Every person out there desires a real relationship and that starts by being real with the people who are closest to you.  Take a moment to open up about your past.  When you students bombs a test, is harassed by a classmate, or wins a trophy.  Share you victories and share your defeats!  If your students see you as a real person, than your students are more likely to be a real person back.

Share in the comments one memory or embarrassing moment that you’ve shared with your students.



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