Getting Fit… Again

Well, Jason and I are at it again.  Back to cutting calories, logging our food, and keeping an eye on our weight goals.  When we first got married, we both realized we were not living the healthiest of lifestyles, and cracked down on what we ate and how much.  We both lost quite a bit in the few months that we were steadfast.  Since then, however, we’ve been on a never ending roller-coaster ride up and down.  I won’t bore you with the details of this journey, where we’re at, or where we plan on heading.  I do want to share with you what I am learning through this journey, however.

What I’ve been realizing most recently is how similarly the journey to becoming healthy resembles the Christian struggle with sin.  Jason and I have a short track history, but there are countless individuals who have had years to show for the yo-yo of becoming healthy and falling back again, then getting healthy only to fall yet again.  Paul explains in Romans a very similar process to sin in our lives oftentimes.

As believers, sin has absolutely no power over us.  Jesus conquered that in our lives when he died and rose again.  We do, however, still possess a sinful nature.  Just because we are free from sin doesn’t mean it will never tempt us again.  And that it does.  There’s not much sadder in this world to me than a believer who has fallen head-long back into the very sin they have been freed from.  They know the wonderful freedom and power of God’s grace, and decide to refuse His love on a daily basis.

Scriptures say that you will see the fruit of our labor.  Isn’t it much the same as fitness?  You can definitely tell if a person eating healthy and exercising.  You can also visibly tell if a person cares only about the taste quality and quantity of their food.  Let’s take it back to the spiritual side of things: Is your neighbor absolutely in love with God?  You’ll be able to tell by the way he acts, interacts, and whether or not he reacts.  You’ll be able to tell by his service, also.

You might not be able to tell whether or not someone (or yourself) is fit spiritually as easily as you can physically. It takes extremely hard work, focus, and dedication to eat healthy and stay in shape.  Likewise, a strong walk with God doesn’t just happen.  Maybe that means you have to log your spiritual food and spiritual exercise as if you were on a physical diet.  Whatever you find works for you, know that it takes extremely hard work, focus, and dedication to obtain and maintain a strong walk with Jesus Christ.  That goes for pastors too.  Just because we’re in ministry does not in any way mean that your relationship with God is automatic.  If anything, it will probably take even more work, focus, and dedication than anybody else to stay close to Christ.  Focus on Him.  Read His Word.  Sing to Him. Share Him with others.    Do whatever it takes to get spiritually fit and stay that way!



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