Accept the Challenge

There is something that I have learned about being a guy in my past 24 years of life and that is that given a dare, a guy will do just about anything.  I was in a wedding as a best man this past weekend and the guy who was getting married was once a vegetarian for two years based purely on a dare.  I have told you before about the fact that I took on a spicy tuna roll challenge because I could get my picture on a wall and a headband.  I worked at Kanakuk Kamps one summer and more than once, I ate a sandwich just because my students wanted me to.

Guys are willing to try just about anything once and this can be a good thing or a bad thing.  My question to you is, “how are you harnessing the dare?”  I am not saying that you should dare students to do stupid things.  Youth Ministry has gotten a bad reputation for embarrassing students or doing something in the name of fun that is humiliating to a students.  We all have stories of students putting clothespins on their face or skinny dipping on some “funny” youth pastor’s idea of a dare.

The point of this post is not to get students to take stupid dares, but rather to take our students’ willingness to try anything once and channel it for good.  When was the last time you challenged your students to read their Bible in a year?  If our students are willing to try anything once then why is it that they are only being challenged to non-spiritual goals?

My desire is that youth ministries are a catalyst for change in their church and their community.  What that means is that we need to be pushing our students to deepen their walk with the Lord and live out life change.  If I could enforce one principle to students it would be the fact that the word of God should change the way you live your life.  As youth pastors, parents, teachers, etc. we need to be challenging out students to step up to the plate and make Christ their own.

Here is my challenge for you.  Find an area that your student ministry needs to grow and challenge your students to something that will grow them in that area.  If your students need to reach out then give them a goal and give the students a way to reach out to their community.  If you students need to read the word, then give them a practical way to do it!  We need to hold our students to a higher standard so what are you challenging your students to do in the next few weeks?



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