Renewed Vision

I’ve spent a lot of time in the past month or two really evaluating my heart spiritually and missionally.  Today I’m going to share something very personal with you.  It’s no news to that Jason and I have been through lots since we got married.  For those of you who are new to our story – we got married in January 2011.  At the time, I was working a full time job making minimum wage, Jason was working a part-time job, and we were renting a house from my parents.  After a month or two I moved up within the department I was working for at Liberty University.  Three months after that we packed up and moved to Lewisburg, PA for Jason to take a youth pastor position.

For the first two months we were here we lived in someone’s guest house with the majority of our things in storage.  At that time we found the house we were planning on buying and rented from the owner during the process.  I still did not have a job at the time, and got hired stocking shelves at Michaels in September.  At the end of our two-month rental period, we got news that our loan fell through.  However, God came through big time, and a month later we purchased a larger, cheaper house not far away.  Needless to say, the first 10 months of our marriage were crazy!  We had lived in 4 different houses and 2 different states in the matter of 10 months.

When all that was said and done, my vision and heart had taken a toll.  My passion had started to dwindle.  I didn’t even realize it at first, and when I did I was simply baffled.  Since then, however, I have been doing lots of prayer and evaluation with God, trying to figure out where exactly He wants me.  I have always had a huge passion for missions and a passion for youth ministry, as well.  I also have a passion to have a loving family and welcoming home.  But my driven, super-passionate self was only mildly passionate, if that.

The fact is, being passionate about something and taking action doesn’t “just happen”.  Are some people born with a more innate passion than others?  Absolutely!  But if you’re not careful, your passion and vision in life can die out without even being aware it is happening.  It takes work – hard work – to remain faithful and diligent with the passion and vision God has given you!  You can be passionate all you want about something, but if you don’t take any related action, then what’s the point?

The difference between history-makers and mere talkers is movement.  I’m sure some people might read that and say they have no clue where to start, so they simply don’t start at all.  Instead, they move throughout life seemingly aimlessly.  That’s the kind of lifestyle that will get you to thinking like Solomon in Ecclesiastes.  Whether or not you know where to start, you have to start somewhere.  Start moving.  Start taking action.  Start praying vigorously.  How will God guide the steps you’re taking if you’re not taking any steps to begin with?

Today I want to challenge you to dream big.  Spend time with God and let your heart look more like His.  Find the vision God has for your life and go for it.  Everyone wants to be remembered, but nobody will remember you if you’re not passionate and motivated enough to act towards a vision.  What are some practical ways to renew your vision (comment below)?



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