Leaders are Readers

I love to read.  My wife and I have made it a goal to read 26 books this year.  If you do the math, that means that we would each read a book every other week.  As much as enjoy reading, this task in and of itself is somewhat daunting.  Scheduling in time to read books in the midst of a busy schedule is a really tough thing to do for any of use.

This past year I have read everything from The Hunger Games Trilogy to The Explicit Gospel.  There are plenty of books on my reading list have absolutely no spiritual value whatsoever.  Part of me would love to sit here and justify that reading The Hunger Games  was purely research into the youth culture.  While I started reading it because I knew that all of our students were reading it, I kept reading because I was drawn into the story.  I have no problem telling you that.  I am the same guy who has read all of the Harry Potter books and loves to go to the midnight showings of said movie series’.

I do however like to read books that will help to increase my ministry effectiveness.  The book that have impacted me the most recently was  As For Me and My Crazy House by Brian C. Berry.

There are a lot of challenges in our ministry.  We face a constant struggle to balance time in ministry and time with family.  Ministry is a job where people are constantly vying for your time.  As a rookie youth pastor and a guy who is constantly trying to find balance, I was shocked to hear Brian say, “Balance is fine, but I think we delude ourselves when we pretend it’s achievable…Balance is, as I see it, an American value.  It’s a rational idea, born out of our obsession with systematizing.”  See the fact of the matter is, in ministry we will never find true balance.  Rather balance is about investing all of ourselves in the time that we have.  I too often fall victim to my smart phone or my Kindle, when all my family wants is for me to be present!

I was always told that leaders are readers.  This statement doesn’t work both ways, but the important thing is that leaders are always looking ways to learn and grow into better, more effective leaders.  Don’t simply live off of the knowledge that you gained through high school, college, or grad school.  In order to be the best leader in your ministry, family, or job you need to be constantly learning and constantly growing.




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