The Best Things Take Time

From left to right: Aeropress, French Press, Clever Coffee Dripper, Kyocera Ceramic Burr Grinder, and Cuisnart Grind and Brew

I absolutely love coffee!  “According to research by the National Coffee Association, 56 percent of adults living in the United States drank coffee every day in 2006, about 112 million people (Source).”  However, there is a difference between loving coffee and simply drinking coffee.  For example, I refuse to drink Folgers, Maxwell House, Dunkin Donuts, McDonald’s, or other such brands that people typically buy in the grocery store.  This may make me a little difficult to deal with at times but it’s a standard that I am unwilling to bend.  While I typically buy Starbucks, which is still not a great option, I prefer buying from roasters that I know such as Alabaster Coffee or Rosetta Coffee Company!

Beyond just drinking coffee, my wife and I love creating quality crafted cups of coffee.  We are now the proud owners of an Aerobie Aeropress, a French Press, a Clever Coffee Dripper, a Keyocera Cermaic Burr Grinder, and a Cuisinart Grind and Brew (a Chemex is next on our list). Alicia and I are even getting ready to start roasting our own coffee at home! I love our Grind and Brew, but when we have time (or make time), I love to play with our other coffee brewers.  There is something about controlling all the elements that make a phenomenal cup of coffee.  The fact is, the best cup of coffee I can drink is not going to come from the drip coffee pot in my office.

The best cup of coffee takes time.  If I have 10 minutes I would much rather have a cup of coffee from my Clever (this is currently my personal favorite).  If you want flavor profiles you are not going to grab that bright red Folgers can, scoop a few scoops of coffee in a filter, and wait anxiously for a delicious hot cup of coffee (if you’re like me, that statement may have just made you cringe).  Flavors take time to develop, to steep, to draw the best flavors out of the beans you’ve purchased.

In much the same way, drawing the best out of students takes time.  Granted, you could take Joe High Schooler, give him a task, and he could successfully complete that task.  However, is that student growing and developing, or are they simply getting the job done?  If you simply want the task of getting your caffeine fix, then Folgers can accomplish your task.  However, what if you took your time investing in Joe High Schooler?  What if once a week you started pouring into your kid and doing a weekly devotion and accountability with them?  What would Joe’s impact look like if you took the time to pour into them?  I would dare say that the task would not only get done, but Joe would walk away a better student, person, and Christ follower.

Student ministry both in the home and in the church takes time, but then again all of the best things do.  The question to all of you parents and leaders out there is, are you willing to take the time or are you willing to settle for less?



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  1. You are a serious coffee drinker!

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