It amazes me just how often things don’t go according to plan.  The fact of the matter is that if you’re a full time youth pastor, you are paid to prepare for the worst possible scenario.  In no way is flexibility isolated to ministry, but rather flexibility is important to life in general.

In the past year here at Lewisburg Alliance, our ministry has been faced with some scenarios where we had no other choice but to adapt to our situation.  Last fall we did an event where sharing the gospel was central to the whole purpose of the event.  We had planned to go to a local corn maze and then we were going to talk about being lost.  I am a genius!  I mean think about that, you go and get lost in the corn maze and then talk about how we are lost in this world until we find Christ and how he is our guide!  You are all welcome to steal that idea.  I was sitting basking in my youth leader brilliance till I was told that it was supposed to rain.  With rain comes no corn maze.  Here our big event leading up to our big gospel presentation wasn’t going to happen, and this genius had no back-up plan.  Did I mention I’m a genius?  I hope all of you catch the sarcasm in my writing (I’m not as smart as I’d like to think I am sometimes).

Thankfully God knew exactly what he was doing and we ended up switching from a corn maze to a photo scavenger hunt and a movie.  After the movie we had the gospel presentation and we watch three girls get saved.  While I had a genius plan to make the gospel message stick, God had another idea of how to reach out to these girls.

Last night we were at youth when a rain storm pounded our area.  I am thankful that we got rain, but the storm knocked out our power right before all of our students showed up.  Here we were with no power, no ac, and 25 students being dropped off at the church.  Thankfully by emergency light we got to play dodgeball and the word of God was shared.

No matter how much you plan or fail to plan, things are always going to change and you either flex or fail.  Whether you’re a parent on vacation with your kids or a youth pastor on a missions trip when the church van breaks down, you have to be willing to be flexible.  You never know when things are going to change but I promise you, flexibility is always your friend!



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