How the Paralyzed Learn to Walk

Have you ever seen a baby run a marathon?  Or how about a man crawl around on all fours as if he’d never walked a day in his life?  Okay, so maybe you’ve seen the latter in the form of a dad playing with his baby daughter, but that is beside the point.  Just a few minutes ago I saw this news article flash across my twitter feed: Paralyzed dad learns to walk and talk again by mimicking his baby daughter.  I got chills.  And I was reminded of a simple truth: you have to start where you are at.

The fact of the matter is, Jesus isn’t walking around your town commanding people like this to get up, take their bed, and walk home.  Miracles still happen, but they rarely look like they did as described to us in the books of the New Testament.  Sometimes they are as simple as this young dad – learning from the beginning all over again.

I think sometimes, as Christians, we forget where we have come from.  We get so used to God’s grace and provision, that we forget what it is like to be without.  My realization of the simple truth of “start where you’re at” comes two-fold.

First, when life hits you hard, you have to go back to the basics.  This dad, now paralyzed, could not simply get up and start walking on sheer will-power the same way he had walked before.  He had to relearn it all over again!  In fact, the things he had to learn were so elementary that he learned them from his baby daughter, who was learning for the very first time.  It goes the same way in our Chrisitan walk sometimes.  It’s not uncommon to face struggles that are so hard that they leave you paralyzed by fear, stress, or some other scary monster trying to tear you down.  But when we do become paralyzed we have to go back to the most simple truths.  When you’re paralyzed with the fear of finances: remember God is Provider.  When you’re paralyzed with the fear of health: remember God is Healer.  When you’re paralyzed with fear of loss: remember God is Creator.  And so on and so forth.

Secondly, be gracious to those who have yet to make it as far as you have spiritually.  I mean this in particular relation to new believers.  I think we subconsciously expect them to instantly know everything about Scripture and the “do’s” and “don’t’s” about our church culture (which the validity of can be debatable).  The fact is, they’re not to the marathons yet; they haven’t even learned to walk!  Remember where you came from, and know that they too have to start from scratch.  Jesus let’s them start all over, so why don’t we?  Keep this in mind also when it comes to ministering to the teenagers in your life.  Sure, they may have learned to walk already, but that doesn’t mean they can run at the same pace as you.  Be gracious and understanding as you try to instill God’s truth into their lives.  It is a process of continual growth – to know and become more like Jesus Christ.

I hope you find this realization as impactful as I did today.  We have a tendency to over-complicate things, when life boiled down to the basics is really quite simple.  How can you “start where you’re at” today?



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