The Colorado Shooting and the State of Things

Breaking news like the things that have been coming out today really puts ministry into perspective.  My wife and I considered going to a midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises last night, but we decided to pull the more adult card, take our sleep, and wait till this evening to go.

I have been really excited about the conclusion of Christopher Nolan’s reiteration of Batman, and I think this has been the best version yet.  The thing is, I’m not alone, and that is why so many people from young to old went to the midnight showing last night.  There is just something about being able to walk into work on Friday knowing that you’ve seen the movie that everyone will be talking about on Monday.  For most of us, seeing a midnight showing is the closest thing to a premiere we will ever see.  Going to a midnight showing represents just how die-hard you are and your willingness to forego sleep for the sake of the show.

Last night, however, was not the celebrated night for some people.  If for some reason you have not seen any news today, a man walked into a midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises in full body armor, tossed a tear gas grenade, and killed 12 while wounding 59 people in Aurora, Colorado.  This is not a breaking news blog.  You can obviously tell that by the fact that this article is coming out around 2:30pm, and this story happened at midnight last night.  I am not going to update this post if the death toll increases, because this blog is less about the actual story and more about the state of our world.

Unfortunately, things like this are going to happen for the rest of this world’s existence.  I am not trying to be harsh, because my heart is broken for the families of the people who were shot, but I am going to be honest.  People have been saying since Jesus left that this and that are signs of the end times, but I think that this is simply a sign of a country who is far from God.  You can blame it on the government or the school system or person x in history, but the fact is our ministries need to bridge the gap between the depraved people of this world and our God who is willing to save anyone who comes to him with a repentant heart.

This photo is taken from’s front page.

There are a lot of hurting people in this world, and unfortunately there are a lot of complacent churches and youth ministries as well.  While people are dying and going to hell, we sit in our office sipping coffee and watching YouTube videos.  How hard do our hearts have to be to neglect the groaning of people who need Jesus?  What are we doing to reach the dying people of this world?  Here people, just like myself, wanted to go to the safety of their movie theater only to have a monster of a person come in guns blazing. But you know what? God wants to save that monster just as much as he wanted to save you and me.  The blood that was shed on the cross was shed just as much for the hurting person who shot up a movie theater as it was for the 4 year old version of me whose “biggest” sin was lying to my parents.

Right now we need a heart check.  Does your heart break for this culture around us or is this blog going to go in one ear and out the other?



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  1. Well put. Thanx for the reminder…

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