Duck Dynasty

My wife and I get addicted to television shows.  We don’t watch much TV when it’s on, we pretty much just watch shows on Netflix and if we happen to catch something as we’re flipping through the channels.  So right now the shows that Alicia and I are keeping up with are Bones and LOST (yes I know we’re a little behind the times but there have all 6 seasons on Netflix!).  However, one night I came home from a meeting at church and found my wife crafting and watching a show that included men decked out in camouflage and talking in deep southern accents.

My immediate questions to my wife was, “What are you watching?”, because for a girl who loves the Food Network and shows like “Say Yes to the Dress” and “What Not to Wear” this show was a little out of her realm.  I wrote the show off and didn’t really give it a second thought, until we caught a marathon on A&E.  We started watching this show that featured a family in Louisiana who turned making duck calls into a million dollar industry.  Just in case you have never seen this show, I want to give you a little sample I wanted to post a clip from the show:

Now I could easily say that I watch this show as research.  I use a lot of television analogies when I speak, in an effort to relate to our students.  Some people may not totally understand this philosophy, but if there is anything that I can do (within reason) to help a message hit home, I will do it.  However, to say that I watch this for research would be more lying than truth.  See I watch this show because it is funny.  I also watch this show because it has amazing family values.

The idea behind this show is to follow a family who works together.  If you have ever been around a family owned and operated business, then you know that it has various complications.  When someone does something wrong you can’t simply fire them because they are related to you.  On this show, when an order doesn’t get made in time it is a brother, uncle, or another family member who is the person to blame.  Confrontation is hard, but family confrontation is that much harder.

The thing that made me fall in love with this show was not the confrontation or the silliness of watching 4 grown men try to catch frogs at night, but the way they end each show.  As much confrontation as each episode brings, this family is closer than most.  At the end of most episodes you see the family (Grandparents to grandchildren) eating a meal together and praying together at the table.  Honestly, I pray that there would be more families like the Robertson clan of Duck Dynasty.

I want not just to build good kids but to build godly kids and godly families.  As the saying goes, “A family who prays together, stays together.”  I would encourage you to watch Duck Dynasty with your family because it is one quality family program.  I also pray that God raises up more families like this one that both struggles and prays together.



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  1. Amen Brother!, great show and a great

  2. Matthew Bryant

    Great blog! Love this show – and I love the how they end the show as well with a moral or lesson learned and prayer together, thanking the Lord for His blessings.

  3. I’m a late-comer to the Duck Dynasty bandwagon, but the show offers a lot of great lessons on life and leadership.

  4. Our church is bringing Duck Dynasty to Castle Rock, CO. All proceeds will support our school, The Rock Christian Academy. If anyone is interested the tickets are on sale at The VIP tickets include a meet and greet!

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