Christmas in July

I never really understood the whole concept of “Christmas in July”.  If you’re going to do Christmas in the summer, shouldn’t it be half way through the year?  Say, in June?  Not that it matters, but there is your random thought for the day.

I realized earlier today that today is July 25th, exactly 5 months from Christmas.  It got me thinking – what is it about that time of year that is so enchanting and endearing to so many?  Of course, the thought didn’t dare cross my mind until after I pondered what I might get my family members as gifts, and what budget we have for said gifts.  But I digress.  So – enchanting and endearing: you could say it’s because of Christ’s birth, and rightfully so.  That is the whole point to the holiday anyways!  Considering so much of the world does not know Christ, I doubt this is the main reason, though for Christ-followers that certainly makes it that much more amazing.  Though we should be celebrating His willingness to become a part of humanity so as to relate to us and deliver us from sin on a more regular basis than just in the Christmas season.

I think Christmas is so special because of the elemental principles that we relate to.  Sure, everyone loves the presents.  I certainly love the decorations and the yummy treats (we make one type of cookie a week leading up to Christmas, and I, for one, wish the season was longer)!  But there is something else that is deeper and more endearing than these frivolous things.

Maybe your first reaction to my question was that it’s so warming because of family and friends gathering together and simply celebrating life.  Yes, that is true too.  I love that my family gets together all at once to eat and enjoy each others’ company.  Although, no matter what your family is like, I bet there is bound to be at least a pinch of drama in the mix too.  And what about those people who don’t have a family, or at least not a loving one?  What about those people who aren’t so blessed?

I think, in its more elemental nature, Christmas is so special to us because of the innocence, charity, and joviality it represents.  While people can easily be greedy at such a time of year, wanting the neatest, newest gadget at the most rock-bottom price as possible, people also seem to be more generous.

You see, there is something deep down inside of us that loves the idea of peace, forgiveness, and true uninhibited love.  I truly believe that is the Holy Spirit tugging at our hearts and trying to get us to think, act, and live more like Christ.  Peace can’t exist outside of Him; the process of forgiveness and healing can really hurt us at times; and I think we often don’t have the first clue of what it looks like to truly love, and I mean as in the way God loves us.  While God is a just God and will see to it that wrongs are put to right through such justice, He is also a very loving and merciful God.

Let today be a reminder to us all to live lives that are generous to those around us, exhibiting the same kind of love and truth that Christ did in His humanity.  Let today be a reminder of the beauty and joy of life.  And let today be a reminder to let go of all our selfish pride and forgive with no strings attached!



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