Monk Does Youth Ministry

Alicia and I get hooked on television shows (Duck Dynasty, Hoarders, Clean House) and thanks to Netflix we have the ability to watch shows that we missed the boat on.  Even thought we missed out on the whole series of Lost, we were still able to watch it online.  One show that I often watch on my days off is Monk.  The show is about a former detective with debilitating OCD tendencies.  Most of us like order, to some extent, but this guy is bad.  Monk brings his own sheets to a hotel, a suitcase full of sierra springs bottled water, and the list goes on and on.

The show follows Monk as he’s contracted out on cases to help the police solve problems that they never would be able to on their own.  The thing about Monk, is he notices things that no normal person would notice and that is exactly what makes him the best.  Monk has an attention to detail that is unparalleled.  Monk will notice one thing out of place, that in turn helps to solve the crime and put the bad man behind bars.

I would love to sit and chat television with you all day, but there is a point that I want to make.  The reason that Monk is able to solve the crime is because he makes sure that every detail is attended to and I think we could use a little more of that in youth ministry.  If you are anything like me, I get completely frustrated with unprofessional youth pastors who do a half-effort job.  The thing is, these youth pastors give every professional youth pastor out there a bad name.  Even if I work hard to be as professional as possible, people will always have their preconceived notions of what a youth pastor is.

I would ask that all of you who are involved in youth ministry would strive to a level of professionalism that would change the view of youth pastors in ministry.  We all wonder why people ask when we are going to grow up and be a “real” pastor and the reason is, because people don’t view youth pastors as professionals.  By taking a cue from Monk, I would ask you to pay attention to detail.  Take the first step toward changing the church world’s perspective of the professional, detail oriented, youth pastor.



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