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The One About the Avengers

*There are no spoilers in this post so I haven’t ruined it for all of you who have yet to see the amazingness that is “The Avengers.”

So in the myriad of blogs that I follow and read, I feel like I have read a million blogs on the movie “The Avengers.”

The movie is awesome and it’s well worth whatever price you pay simply to watch the last 30 minutes or so.  As I was watching the movie I was caught up in the various characters and how they tied together everyone from the various movies because every character is very different and they all have egos.  I love the story of how all of these different superheroes from different places and time periods come together to fight as a team.  I am also anxiously awaiting the next movie (If you didn’t stay for the credits, you missed something)!

Out of all the various movies that was incorporated into The Avengers, “Captain America” was probably my favorite stand alone movie.  However, I found myself watching this movie and wondering how the Captain could compete with the level of superhero powers that Ironman, Hulk, and Thor possess.  I desired to see Captain America stand out from the crowd but more and more it seemed like “the first superhero” was outdated and weak.

There was a point in the movie though, where the team needed leadership.  When everything started falling apart the team turned to Captain America to take the lead.  What this superhero lacks in super strength, flying ability, and gadgetry he makes up for in leadership and I loved it.  Just when my heart was breaking for the fact that my favorite superhero of the bunch didn’t look very super, he lead the team to victory (if you consider this a spoiler then you must’ve missed the fact that the good guys always win).

There are many of you out there who probably feel like you don’t contribute much to the team.  I am a talker and I love to be in front of people but I also know that that isn’t everyone’s strength.  You may be a doer!  When I was in college I had two guys one my leadership team that I had as my go to guys.  Colby and Kyle were my doers.  These two guys were pretty unassuming.  When I first met Colby my first reaction was that he would never be on leadership with me.  However, these two guys got stuff done.  I could give them a task and know it would be taken care of.

I loved watching Captain America excel because even though he didn’t have the coolest abilities he had an undeniable leadership quality.  If Tony Stark or Hulk had led the team, the movie wouldn’t have ended the same.  You may be saying, I’m not the coolest guy, I don’t have the most fashionable clothes, my youth group isn’t as big as the one down the street, etc.  The fact is, God has given you qualities that no one else possesses.  What are the qualities that make you, you?  What kind of superhero are you?


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