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Please Stand By


I always seeing this picture on the TV.  Basically it was the “powers that be” telling me that the show I was anticipating was not going to be happening.  This always led to a great deal of disappointment followed by walking around aimlessly trying to figure out what to do since my plans were shot.

If you haven’t noticed, Alicia and I have been on hiatus since August.  We left our church in August and basically, the last post was on one of my last work days at Lewisburg Alliance Church.  We have taken the time to refresh but our heart has always continued to break and beat for student ministry.  With all of that said, we are re-tooling and working on material for a “comeback.”  We want to continue to be a resource and we want to share things we’ve learned during this time and things we continue to learn moving forward.  The wait is almost over, “Please Stand By.”




Happy 4th of July!

Today we just want to take the time to thank you for all you do to minister to others and loved ones.

Enjoy this holiday to relax and celebrate with friends and family.  Celebrate the freedom we have to even do ministry because of the country we live in.  And, of course, take time to remember our heritage as a nation and the fact that it was founded on Scriptural principles.  What an honor to be an American!

Lastly, take time to pray for the state of our nation and that we, as Christ followers, can affect change in those around us.

Enjoy your Independence Day!

(Random thought for the day: Has anyone else ever wondered why we tend to say “4th of July” – a mere date – instead of “Independence Day”?)

Off For The Holidays

Hey OneBeat Readers,

We first of all want to thank all of you for being a part of our community on OneBeatBlog! We just wanted to post to say Merry Christmas and also to let you know that we will be taking the holidays off!  Enjoy time with your Family, catch up on blog posts you many have missed, and we will be back January 2nd with a blog post that I am VERY excited about.  Merry Christmas everyone!


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