Our Purpose

So often in ministry things become a competition.  If one church is doing a huge 5th Quarter event, then we want to do one bigger, better, and on the same night.  Often times we treat the lives that we are trying to reach out to as medals to be won so that we can meet up with our buddies and talk about how large our ministries are.  The problem with this mentality is:

  1. We should not be striving for growth through church transfer.
  2. If our motives are right, then we are all striving for the same common goal, the furtherance of the gospel of Christ. (Matthew 28)
  3. It’s not about numbers!  You could have a million people and be an inch deep or, you could be miles deep and have no one.  Ministry is about balance and Christ getting ALL of the glory.
I was an all-state football player, love the Green Bay Packers, can’t stand baseball, and grew up in the south.  Alicia grew up in Virginia; has 3 older brothers; a dad, grandpa, and brother who were/are police officers; and loved NASCAR!  The point remains, that we share the same heartbeat.  We are not here to compete with one another, but rather to work together to see a generation of families and students united and growing in their walk with the Lord.
The purpose of our blog is to EQUIP, ENCOURAGE, and EMPOWER parents, youth leaders, and anyone else involved in students’ lives.  Only then, can we be a unified church like Philippians 2:2 calls us to be.  Only then, can we truly say that we have one heartbeat.
— Jason

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